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Our application procedure of quality bedliners has been refined over the years and includes the following step-by-step process:

  1. The bed is wiped down with wax and grease remover to clean any substances that may stop the liner from adhering.
  2. The tailgate and hardware such as tie downs and tailgate bolts are removed (where possible).
  3. A special “wire cutting” tape is applied to all edges where the liner will be trimmed.
  4. Paper and plastic film are used to mask all areas of the truck that are not to be sprayed.
  5. All surfaces to be sprayed are power sanded to ensure permanent adhesion.
  6. The edges are hand sanded to avoid damaging the paint beyond the liner.
  7. All the dust from sanding is blown off the bed.
  8. The liner is sprayed into the bed and onto the tailgate by a trained applicator.
  9. The liner is thoroughly inspected before the masking is removed.
  10. The edge wires are pulled up through the coating to produce clean edges.
  11. The rest of the masking is removed.
  12. All hardware and the tailgate are replaced.

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